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    Limited Access File (Excel 2000)

    I have a file that I distribute every month to certain people with confidential financial information. Is it possible to associate that file with their computer ID's so that the file can only be viewed on these computers but not others ?

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    Re: Limited Access File (Excel 2000)

    Not foolproof, but you could "veryhide" all the sheets but a "splash screen" (perhaps with a message)

    Then have a workbook open macro to check the UseriD [in VB perhaps Environ("username"), or is there a different one you want?]
    if it is in the list of "correct ones", then unhide the sheets.

    On workbook beforeclose, you will have to reverse and re"veryhide" all the sheets and then save (or make it READONLY and never have them resave it).

    You will also need to protect the project so that the users cannot just manually unhide the sheets.
    If they open with macros disabled all the get is splash screen
    If they open with macros enabled and not in the "acceptable list" all the get is splash screen
    If they open with macros enabled and are on the "acceptable list" the macro will display the sheets


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