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    Missing Acrobat Toolbar (Word 2003)

    Have Win XP with Office 2003. Problem with Acrobat 6 toolbar in Office. Tool bars were there when I installed Acrobat but now are missing, even though is in OFFICE11STARTUP folder. I also notice that there is a temporary file "~$" in startup folder that get created when I start Word. Wnen I look in Options-Security-Macro Security-Trusted Publishers, I see that Adobe Systems is listed there. I have set security level to Low, and still the toolbars do not appear (and are not listed as available toolbars if I right click in toolbar space). On one occasion, I deleted the ~$ file, restarted Word and the toolbars reappeared. But no longer will that will work. Any ideas of what is going on?

    Walt Haisler

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    Re: Missing Acrobat Toolbar (Word 2003)

    Hi Walt:
    Try the steps in <post#=310026>post 310026</post#>.

    The ~$ is an "owner" file. Whenever you start Word, any documents or templates that are open have an owner file created so that no one else has permission to modify the docs or templates. If Word closes normally, the temp file disappears. If you crash, it remains. You should only delete the file with Word closed, if it's there.

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