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    Lookup and cell Refrence (Excel 2000)

    I'm trying to place a cell reference in the Lookup function. Here is the information.
    Cell H2 = 24M
    Cell I2 = =CONCATENATE("'",H2,"'","!$F$4:$F$25")
    Lookup function is =LOOKUP(P2,I12,'24M'!$H$4:$H$25)
    I'm trying to obtain the Lookup formulat = Lookup(P2,'24M!$F$4:$F$25,'24M'!$H$4:$H$25)
    The lookup vector changes depending on what value is in cell H2. In trying to substitue a cell reference in the lookup functions it's adding quotes to the value and therefore it won't work. How can I substitue a cell reference and obtain the exact value from that cell>

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    Re: Lookup and cell Refrence (Excel 2000)

    Try =LOOKUP(P2,INDIRECT(I2),'24M'!$H$4:$H$25)

    The INDIRECT function will change a text string into a cell reference.

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