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    Charts on Worksheets: plot-areas & textbox sizes (97, 2K)

    Bouncing back and forth between two systems (Win98/XL97, Win2K/XL2k), I have the problem that within charts EMBEDDED on worksheets, their X/Y sizes and positions will change:

    1) Dimensions of the charts' plot-area varies (If I size/place the chart correctly for one, it may be too large/small/wrong-position when displayed on the alternate PC/system).

    2) Dimensions/positions of (embedded chart) text-boxes similarly vary from one system to another.

    This problem does not seem to occur when creating charts on their own dedicated chartsheets, but only on charts embedded within worksheets.

    I do set all TEXT "autoscaling" to FALSE, but it's the Size and Position of graph PLOT-AREAS and TEXTBOXES that cause me grief.


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    Re: Charts on Worksheets: plot-areas & textbox sizes (97, 2K)

    I would imagine the problem might be related to different drivers on the 2 systems. Do both show the exact same screen dimensions and areas of the sheets? Are they both the same screen resolution?

    It might be less noticeable on chart sheets since they occupy the full sheet page, where the embedded ones do not. The text boxes that are in the chart: are they really embedded in the chart object or on the sheet object? When you are in the chart sheet they are embedded there, but in a chart sheet, you can add text boxes that are ON the worksheet but are over the chart or add them ON the chart. I speculate that you might have the objects on the sheet and not the chart. When you select the chart are the textboxes still visible?

    If you need them the same relative size on the 2 systems, instead of adding textboxes, you could also try datapoints and add datalegends to the chart instead of using textboxes. These might be less affected by the driver.


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