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    linking fields in sub-form (2000)

    I have a database storing information on members, events, and attendances at the events. This sets up a many to many relationship between the members table and the events table, so there is an intermediate table called attendances. The members and events tables (primary keys are memberID and eventID respectively) both have a 1 to many relationship with the attendances table (which has foreign keys for memberID and eventID).

    I am trying unsuccessfully to set up a form with sub-form for recording attendances. I would like the main form to show an event (or to be able to enter info about an event), and the sub-form to show member names at those attending the event (or enter or add names of those attending). The sub-form will end up with a combo box to aid selection of a member's name.

    Normally I can put together a form and sub-form without much trouble, but they always have a 1 to many relationship, not a many to many like I have here. Can anyone give me some guidance on how to set this up? I'm a little confused . . . Thank you very much :-)


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    Re: linking fields in sub-form (2000)

    The relationship to the subform is still one-to-many because the relationship between the Events table and the Attendance table is still one-to-many. Since the subform is based on Attendance, not on Members, there should be no problem. The only connection to the Members table will be in the rowsource of the combobox you use to lookup the member.

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