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Thread: Stuck document

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    Stuck document

    At work the system went down while I was working on a document on the networked drive. Word closed itself down. I rebooted and restarted word but it will not let me open my document. When I try it states it is in use by another user, and I know it isnt. I cannot open nor delete this document now. Is there a way to delete it?


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    Re: Stuck document

    There are times when working on a network and a crash occurs that the network will still declare the file open by someone. Releasing files, according to my Information Services Manager, is generally a very low priority for a network.

    Probably, if you wait about 10 minutes, you would be able to reopen it.

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    Re: Stuck document

    Another thing to try:

    Use Windows Explorer to navigate to the folder where that document is located. Look to see if there is an open temp file corresponding to that document (the filename will start with "~") - deleting that should free you up.

    Also, on the off chance that you're working on a WTS (Windows Terminal Server) network: it is possible to get kicked off the network, and later get logged in via a different server, leaving a 'phantom session' on the other server. In this situation you need to get your network administrator to kill that session.

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