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    View combobox data in textbox? (2k/sp3)

    I've been away from Access for about four years, and am embarassed to admit I've forgotten some of the most simple details. [img]/forums/images/smilies/sad.gif[/img]

    I have two tables; tblPartNumbers lists all available part numbers along with each entry's unique key (autonumber). The second table, tblParts, lists each part number, along with where that part can be found on a set of shelves... tblParts has a "numPartNumberID" lookup to tblPartNumbers...

    The table entry in tblParts is created as a combobox, which causes a drop-down list on the form. I just want the part number of the current record shown on the form, using the record-navigation buttons to scroll through the records.

    Sounds simple enough; however when I make the form control a 'textbox,' and view the form, all I see is the keyID number for the part number, not the part number itself.

    help? (sorry this is so elementary)

    EDIT: Haha! Silly me. Stupid me, actually. All I need to do is put the appropriate tables in the query driving the form, and violla! Sorry for wasting y'all's time!

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    Re: View combobox data in textbox? (2k/sp3)

    The other option you could have done without changing the query is in the format properties section, set the width of the first column to zero so it isn't shown. Then use column 2 as the control source for providing data for other controls.

    (It's been a while!)

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