The following question is on behalf of a member of our PC club. I couldn't answer the question so I'm hoping one of the people on this forum can.

This has to do with the installation of a Brother printer/fax/scanner seemingly taking over the font list in Word but not in other windows applications. Here are the details. I didn't think this was a Word problem, per se, but if appropriate I have no problem if this is also posted to the Word forum.

In Word, I clicked on the drop down box on the
Formatting Toolbar to see the fonts. What I see fonts
that are installed in my Brother Printer and am unable
to access the regular Fonts Folder found under the Windows Folder.

- The Fonts that I saw before installing my Printer were the Windows Fonts.
- In other applications, I see all the Windows Fonts.
- The Printer is a Brother MFC 7300C, which is a Printer, Fax and Scanner.
- This is not the first time that I have looked for the Fonts. I tried looking up FAQ's on the Internet under the Brother Printer, ZDNET Helps and How to's and Windows.
- On my System, there is a separate Folder for Fonts located under the Windows Folder. Even under My
Computer, the Control Panel shows a folder labeled Fonts
and these are the ones showing under other applications.
- I have only 4 Fonts under my Windows/System Folder and the rest are located under the Fonts Folder (Installed by OEM).
- My O/S is Windows 98 SE, I have an AMD Duron CPU,
speed of 800 Mhz.
- I thought I read somewhere that you could bring in other custom Fonts into MS Word, i.e., if you had Fonts located under another directory etc.


Thanks for any help.