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    Combine multiple redlined documents? (2002)

    I've got a document that's been circulated to several individuals. They won't cooperate by reviewing the document serially, one after another, so that when the doc comes back to me all the suggested changes, etc. are incorporated in a single doc. Instead, they've all reviewed it separately, so now I've got three different redlined versions of the same original. Is there any way to make Word automatically combine all the redlined docs into a single doc that will contain all the suggested additions/deletions//comments, so i don't have to start cutting and pasting, etc?

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    Re: Combine multiple redlined documents? (2002)

    If you look for the word help topic "Merge comments and changes from several reviewers into one document" you will find the following text...
    1. <LI>Open the document into which you want to merge changes.
      <LI>On the Tools menu, click Compare and Merge Documents.
      <LI>Open one of the documents that has changes to be merged.
      <LI>Click the arrow next to Merge, and then click Merge into current document.
      <LI>Repeat steps 2-4 until all copies of the document are merged.
    <UL><LI>For best results when merging changes from multiple reviewers, click Options on the Tools menu, and then make sure the Store random number to improve merge accuracy check box is selected.
    <LI>Microsoft Word can store only one set of formatting changes at a time. Therefore, when you merge multiple documents, you may be prompted to decide whether you want to keep the formatting from the original document or use the formatting from the edited document. If you don't need to track formatting changes, you can clear the Find formatting check box in the Compare and Merge Documents dialog box.[/list]<hr>

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