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    calendar control on WORKsheet (Excel97SR2)

    I've been playing around with the MSCal.OCX on user forms quite happily, and was wondering if one can add that (calendar) control directly to the Excel Control Toolbox. I have already achieved this with the Excel/VBE Toolbox. Thanks.

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    Re: calendar control on WORKsheet (Excel97SR2)

    You can use the "More Controls..." button on the Control Toolbox to add a Calendar control to a worksheet - when you click on Calendar Control in the list, the mouse pointer changes to a small cross. You can now click in the worksheet or drag a rectangle.
    But unlike the VBE Toolbox, the Calendar control will not be added as a new icon to the Control Toolbox, and as far as I know, there is no standard way to do so. You could create a macro with this instruction (plus error handling):

    ActiveSheet.OLEObjects.Add ClassType:="MSCal.Calendar"

    and assign it to a custom toolbar button on the Control Toolbox.

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