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    Bullets and Numbering (Word XP)

    I would like to be able to customize my numbering so that numbers are double-spaced, but if a single entry requires additional lines, I would like those lines to be single-spaced. For example: If my entry for "1." does not go to the next line, "2." is two lines down. However, if "1." is lengthy and requires more than a single line I want all information with "1." to be single-spaced with "2." being two lines below the last line of information connected to "1.". Thank you! Bob Nichols

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    Re: Bullets and Numbering (Word XP)

    Hi Bob:
    Welcome to the Lounge. You can do this easily. This has little to do with the numbering style & more to do with the paragraph spacing of your styles. For example, suppose you want to customize the heading styles. You can modify the Heading 1, 2, etc. styles by:

    1. Place your cursor in a Heading 1 style paragraph.
    2. Right click & choose Paragraph...
    3. Set the space below to 12 points (where it says spacing/below) & click OK.
    4. Place the cursor in the style box on the Formatting toolbar (the box that says Heading 1).
    5. Press <enter> & Word will ask you if you "Update the style to reflect recent changes" or "Reapply the style...". Choose the former.
    6. Repeat for each of the Heading styles that you want to modify.
    7. Now all you have to do is apply numbering. Place the cursor in the Heading 1 paragraph & use the Bullets & Numbering/Customize dialog box to apply the kind of numbering you want. Modify each of the Heading styles WITHOUT closing the dialog box.
    Hope this helps,

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