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    Any way to reinstall Win2K without losing apps?

    I feel like I need to reinstall Win2K on my ThinkPad to cure advancing senility. I have a second HD with enough disk space to copy all of my apps and data files. I'm wondering if I can back up everything to the second disk, do a clean install on my C: drive, and then copy back my apps and data files and restore the registry. Would that get me back where I started (after I install subsequent Windows patches, etc)? I'd REALLY like to avoid having to reinstall over 100 apps.

    Another alternative might be to do a clean install on the spare disk and copy everything there, then reformat my c: drive and copy everything back.

    Or, I can just do an in-place reinstall and hope it fixes everything. I did a restore/repair a few weeks ago and it didn't help..


    Any advice?

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    Re: Any way to reinstall Win2K without losing apps

    I would first try the in-place install. Your applications will be safe but every Windows patch you ever applied will be history, so you will need to reapply them.

    Alternately, you can try the System State backup in the included MSBACKUP utility, and shuffle off your data and program files in with the backup. Install Win2000 clean, and then restore that system state/data file backup. This will restore your previous registry and applications. You will likely still have some broken settings, but far fewer I would think.

    Consider this, though: if the problem is within the Windows registry, you may just end up importing old problems back where they came from. And, you will still need to apply all the patches and service packs, since you will not be restoring the patched Windows directory and its contents. You will have a nascent installation that needs securing in either case.

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