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Thread: modem problem

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    modem problem

    Hi, This is my first time at formatting a computer. I had windows 95 on it. I got a bootup floopy and a CD for windows 98. They said just put in the boot floppy and type format C: So I did. When it was done I changed to the D: and typed setup to start the windows 98 operating system. My problem is it cannot find my modem. Little did I know at the time all I had to do is put in the 98 CD to upgrade. What a learning experience (nightmare) this is. Can someone please help me get my modem working? I called and they said is the modem turned on? I can't find a switch. Please help.

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    Re: modem problem

    I assume you mean that the modem cannot be found AFTER Win 98 is installed. If this is the case (and if I remember Windows 98 properly), there are a few ways you can add your modem. If you have a set-up disk for your modem, follow the instructions and the modem should install properly. If you don't have this disk:
    a) Open Control Panel and select Add New Hardware. Windows can usually find your modem automatically but if it can't, select a generic modem that is fairly similar to yours and install the drivers.
    [img]/forums/images/smilies/cool.gif[/img] Right Click on My Computer, select Properties, and then the Hardware tab. The procedure is similar to that in Control Panel.
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