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    Clean text to only in set [A..Z0..9] (2000/sp3)

    I'm importing a part list from an excel speadsheet... this part list is in complete shambles.

    I've got most of the database done, and am implementing various sorting and searching mechanisms. My only glitch is that these part numbers sometimes have spaces, dashes, slashes, underscores, and all sorts of other junk that I want to ignore. All I want to search on is the data within the set [A..Z0..9].

    I have a couple options:

    (1) import the part numbers and strip the bad characters as it is imported
    (2) import the part numbers and generate a secondary item in the table through an update query with the desired data

    Either way, I need a routine that goes and strips characters outside the set. Can't seem to find any built-in functions...

    any ideas?

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    Re: Clean text to only in set [A..Z0..9] (2000/sp3)

    You can do either in a query. Use (for example) this CleanString function.

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