I just re-signed up for the Lounge; got e-mail directing to log in--and the dialog box to log in didn't come up as was also the case when I tried to use easy update on Fix-it Utilities. (I am writing this on my other computer). Also I can load Norton's SystemWorks 2003 but not SystemWorks 2004. When I click on the SystemWorks 2004 execute button nothing happens.

My first symptom was that the macros in WOPR would not allow me open files; I went to the Lounge and found I should remove WOPR, which I did and WORD 2002 worked fine. I could download Trend Micros internet virus checking only after reducing my internet security to its lowest level. At the default level it would not download. All of these things seemed to happen after I downloaded Spy Killer and ran it once to identify spyware. I think question could also go in IE 6 lounge.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Larry D