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    COMPAQ iPAQ Problem

    I use Microsft Schedule+7.0a and can't get it to sync with an iPAQ 3600. No matter what I do, in the sync options, it shows as "Not Installed". Any help is appreciated.


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    Re: COMPAQ iPAQ Problem

    I do own an iPAQ 3650, and I do sincronize this PDA between home and office, and have not had a problem using Outlook's calendar. I have found that most sincronization problems can be resolved by first shutting off the iPAQ using the little toggle switch to the left of the USB connector on the bottom of the device. This should uninstall ALL programs loaded on your PDA - be advised!
    I would then uninstall Windows CE from my main computor, and then re-install CE from the original disk.(sometimes sinc problems can originate from a corrupted CE file).
    Next, I would reinstall this program onto your PDA.

    I hope you have already resolved this, but if not, I hope this helps. (Sorry for delay in reply - I am a new lounge user, but unlike Woody, I believe in Window's CE)

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