OK. It's a new (for me) technological toy.

That's got that out of the way.

Now, any resource like Woody's Forum has great value as a repository of data. You've heard me write that before (noisy keyboard!).

Users with more experience than I often refer a new question to this thread perhaps because the questioner didn't think to search for the existing answer. That means we tie up volunteer resources in work that ought to be avoided.

I'd like discuss using AT LEAST ONE search tag in every post. Search tags are an efficient means of getting users to use the existing data posted on the board rather than pumping human brains for yet-another-rehash of this topic. You know who you are. You're always posting links to this thread, or to this site, and very useful it is too, but I'd rather see YOUR efforts working on new or difficult problems rather than painting yet another roadside sign.

I'm asking a couple of us/you to experiment with serach tags for a week. See what you think.

The search tag you put in your post TODAY will serve the forum users years from now, because it will pick up posts that will be made AFTER your original post.

Think about THAT! My reference to the Orabanda gold mine is frutless today, but a year from now it will tap into all the posts yet to come. What an investment!