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    Message Rules (Outlook XP)

    I am used to using O.E., and have now decided to give Outlook a try to more fully integrate my applications. I am trying to set up my message rules and am running into problems. Here is the problem: In O.E., I was able to check the properties of the e-mail, and create a Message rule from that. Extremely helpful if one belongs to a news group. I am unable to see a way to do that using Outlook. I also do not see away of importing my O.E. message rules into Outlook....any ideas here?
    Thanks John
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    Re: Message Rules (Outlook XP)

    If you mean File>Properties in Outlook Express, the message header information in Outlook is under View>Options... (once the message is open) or right-click>Options... (in the Inbox). Hope this is what you meant, but if not, please post again.

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