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    Rule for DELETEDO.TXT? (ol xp, WXP)

    Like most people, I've ben receiving a ton of virus infected messages, all of which are neutered by Norton. They end up appearing as attachments with the name DELETEDO.TXT. I've tried to write a rule that will permanently delete such emails, but haven't succeeded. Any ideas?


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    Re: Rule for DELETEDO.TXT? (ol xp, WXP)

    Does Norton replace the message itself with a notification, or does it simply strip/rename the attachment? I suppose if it were the first one, you'd already have your rule. <img src=/S/grin.gif border=0 alt=grin width=15 height=15> You might need to use VBA for this. Starting with Outlook 2002, you can create a rule that runs incoming messages through a VBA procedure. You might be able to use the regular rule checks to narrow down the number that need to be processed. The VBA procedure then could look at the file name(s) of the attachment(s) and see if they match the pattern you want to match. I recently posted with the basics on how to hook a rule in to VBA (see <post#=351149>post 351149</post#>). Hopefully that will get you started.

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