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    Passing Parm to ASP.NET (ASP.NET)

    I have a web page, written in ASP that contained a link to target page to look up a value and display detailed information. My starting page passed a value to that target page, which then did a lookup using the passed value to find and display the detailed information. Linking to the target page without passing the parameter value simply displays a parameter entry page where the user can key the value desired and click submit.
    The target page was moved to a different server and changed to ASP.NET technology. I was tasked with changing my initial page (in ASP) to use the new URL for the new server.
    The problem is that I can get to the target page but only to the parameter entry form. It seemingly ignores my passed parameter. How do I get it to take my passed parameter so it will display the detail information like it used to? Note - I have no jurisdiction over the target page and cannot change it, only my ASP starting page.

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    Re: Passing Parm to ASP.NET (ASP.NET)

    Are you using POST (Form variable) or GET (Querystring variable)?

    Has the Target page logic changed? If so, how should the parameter be delivered to the updated target page?

    Classic ASP and ASP.NET handle certain things quite differently. I discussed this a bit in a previous thread (<post#=348171>post 348171</post#>).

    Post back with some of these details and we'll see what we can do to get your problem fixed! <img src=/S/smile.gif border=0 alt=smile width=15 height=15>

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