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    Searching for Records (Access 2002)

    An Access table I've created has many personal fields including Last Name and First Name (they're separate fields). I'd like to combine these fields then use them with the third combo box choice on a form to search for people by using their full name. The idea is to type their full name in this combo box and the rest of the data will appear in the form. Any help is appreciated in advance.

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    Re: Searching for Records (Access 2002)

    Create a query based on the table. Add all fields or * to the query grid, and create a calculated column

    FullName: [FirstName] & " " & [LastName]

    or if you prefer to start with the last name

    FullName: [LastName & ", " & [FirstName]

    Save this query and use it as the record source of your form. If the form already exists, you only have to change the Record Source property. Make sure that the Control Wizards button on the Toolbox is on (down), then put a combo box on the form. The Combo Box Wizard will pop up; specify that you want the third option (Find a record ...). Click Next, and move FullName to the list of selected fields. The rest is straightforward. The Wizard will write the necessary VBA code for you.

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