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    Opening Excel Attachments in Outlook XP (XP)

    I have a couple of clients who can't open some excel files when sent as attachments but this is only in a few instances. I have unticked the "Ignore other applications" as suggested by MS (in Options) but this has not helped - lowered macro security - no good. Excel attempts to open the file but nothing actually happens - the only way to open it is, save it to the desktop, open excel and navigate to the file. It will not open as an attached file from Outlook at all. Any ideas would be a great help. Have logged same problem in Outlook area.
    Thanks for your help.

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    Re: Opening Excel Attachments in Outlook XP (XP)

    To avoid duplication and confusion, I am locking this thread. If you want to reply to Lipton's question, please do so in the thread in the Outlook forum <!post=here,352060>here<!/post>. Thank you.

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