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    Chart Percentages Incorrect (Excel 2002 (SP-2))

    Ok - I give up!! I have a pie chart (see attached) that has the category name and percentages displayed. The displayed percentages go from being correct to incorrect when you format the data labels decimal point from 1 (or 2) to 0 for a couple of the categories. For example, LCG show 41% w/0 decimal points displayed, but the correct percentage of 42.3 when 1 decimal is displayed. I realize I could just use the percentages in my spreadsheet, but all my reports are based on the actual dollar amounts -- I added the percentage colum as a check!

    Thanks - Bob

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    Re: Chart Percentages Incorrect (Excel 2002 (SP-2))

    <P ID="edit" class=small>(Edited by sdckapr on 12-Mar-04 13:37. Added PS)</P>This is a known bug in XL.

    It is done to have the displayed values (when added) add up to 100. If you add your "0" decimal numbers up, (as if they were rounded) you get 102% as a sum. By decreasing the 42% to 41% and the 12 to 11% (1% from each of the 2 largest numbers) you get the proper sum (100%) when they are added (as displayed)

    It will increase the largest values also if your "rounded values" come to be <100%.


    the workarounds that I see is to use the percentage calcs and then use "Show Values" for the datalabels. This does not give you labels however
    If you want the labels and "correct percentages" create a cell with the 2 combined and then use Rob Bovey's excellent <img src=/S/free.gif border=0 alt=free width=30 height=15> utility XY Chart Labeler to add these created labels to the chart.

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