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    Print/View all data (Project 2000)

    A department in my law firm has received a series of about 30 .mpp files, and they would like a printout of all the data in all the project files. They have requested that we just print every possible view for every file. Trying to explain that this really only displays the same set of information in different views, or that Project is a three dimensional program, and not really designed for that type of task has not helped. What is the best way to present Project data in a flat, readable format? I have toyed around with exporting to Excel, but don't know that I can successfully capture all the information this way. . . Please help! <img src=/S/hairout.gif border=0 alt=hairout width=31 height=23>

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    Re: Print/View all data (Project 2000)

    Your question leads to many questions such as what is it the people want to see such as just tasks, milestone, resources, or other?????

    Typically, when people state "Just print everything" it tells me they really don't know what they want. I would suggest the following as a starting point.

    Select the Gantt view which has task data on the left and the Gantt chart on the right. On the left, select ID, Name, Description, Start Date, Finish Date, Percent Complete, and Total Float. On the right, show the applicable gantt chart. This provides a decent overview of what work is taking place, what will start, and what is behind schedule. Of course I have assumed that the schedule is baselined. This is just a starting point. Once this is presented, you can work from there.

    Printing everything that is available will just produce reams of data that you really don't want to see.

    If you want to export data to excel, the select File, Save As, Text and create a mapping file that you can use again and again.


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