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    Cecil Rhoades

    Password dialog box

    We have MS Office 97 pro installed on all our machines. We do not use any of Access's security features. However, a user now has the login dialog box appear at each Access launch. How do I eliminate this. Thanks.

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    Re: Password dialog box

    Hi Cecil,

    It sounds like someone screwed around with the security file.

    One thing you can do, assuming you have you Office97 CD, is to do a search for every instance of system.mdw and delete the file(s). Then re-install Office97.

    Before that however, you can also run the Wrkgadm.exe file probably located in C:WindowsSystem, click the 'Join' button and see if you're joined to anything other than C:WINDOWSSYSTEMSYSTEM.MDW

    If you're joined to anything other than 'C:WINDOWSSYSTEMSYSTEM.MDW', click the 'Browse' button and find the system.mdw file. You should be back in business then.



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    Cecil Rhoades

    Re: Password dialog box

    Thanks. The last time I tried anything with Access security was v2.0. I remembered the about the System.MDW. Therefore I immediately replaced it with a good one. Your advise re: the WrkgAdm.exe did the trick. Thanks.

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