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    Forbid design view (Access 2000)

    I want to make my forms and reports unavailale to the user to be opened in design view.Is it posible ?

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    Re: Forbid design view (Access 2000)

    One possibility is to create an MDE file from your MDB (Tools | Database Utilities | Make MDE File...) In an MDE file, the design of forms, reports and modules cannot be seen or altered. It is still possible to edit the design of tables and queries. You *must* keep a copy of the MDB file, for if you ever need to modify the design of a form etc., you must do so in the MDB, then convert to MDE again.

    Another possibility is to apply user-level security. You can define users with different "roles" - designer, end-user, etc. Moderator <!profile=WendellB>WendellB<!/profile> has a short tutorial on security on his website, with lots of useful links; his profile contains a link (look for Support > Tutorials.)

    If you want to keep it very simple, but not really secure, just set the startup options (Tools | Startup...) to hide the database window, not display the full menus and toolbars etc. You (and others) can get around this by holding Shift down when opening the database.

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