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Posting this here and the WinXP forum.

The history:
Downloaded upgrade for Norton AV.
Installed it, but would not let me activate because of an AKey issue.
Tech support recommended that I clean my hard drive, and buy retail version.
Bought retail version, and went to link to download utilities to clean registry and hd of any NAV.
Ran registry utility.
Caused my video card to go bonkers.
Caused ODBC errors.
Caused my NIC card not to function (determined after 3 calls to Comcast tech support)-internet connection fine on other networked computers at home.
Went to another computer and downloaded drivers and fixed video and ODBC.
Installed updated drivers for D-link card........still nothing.
Uninstalled (both through the system and physically)-WINXP recognized and reinstalled....light is on...but NIC card is still not registering an IP address. IP address was released, but will not allow me to renew....says file is missing.
Showing all zeros for IP address and DHCP not valid.

Should I get an new NIC card? Should I reload WinXP (I don't want to lose everything)? Any assistance that you can provide would be greatly appreciated.