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    isn't enough memory to perform this operation (access 2000)

    I was running access 2000 (no patches or upgrades installed) with no problems importing small csv files until I installed a new hard drive, re-installed access 2000 & copied my .mdb file to the new drive. Now, when I try to import, I get the message, "there isn't enough memory to perform this operation. Close all unneeded programs & try the operation again." I have over 700k ram & have set Windows virtual memory as system managed with page file size at 1151mb. the bios has all caching enabled. I don't think this is really a memory problem at all. I created a new .mdb empty database & get the same message.
    Under the Access Tools menu Options/ Advanced, the default open mode is shared & the default record locking is no locks. I am running XP Pro on a desktop. The .mdb file and the .csv file are both located in folders that are set as shared with all users. I have one user that is Administrator. Any thoughts or suggestions are appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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    Re: isn't enough memory to perform this operation (access 2000)

    Try installing the patches up to sp3 and see if you still get the same error message. I do not know if that is the answer, but you should have all the patches installed anyway.

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    Re: isn't enough memory to perform this operation

    Does your database have much Vb code?

    When you go to the VB Editor, it is important to close each code window, before closing the editor.
    If you don't do this, the number of code windows gradually increases, and you can find that you have hundreds of them open. This can cause the error message you describe.

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    Re: isn't enough memory to perform this operation (access 2000)


    If John H is correct, following is some code I use periodically to close all my panes:



    Option Compare Database
    Option Explicit

    ' You had 63 code windows open??!!

    ' Back a while ago WMVP Kevin posted some simple but very useful code in the VB/VBA forum
    ' that closes all open code windows in the VB Editor. Link:

    ' VBE Code Pane vs. Object Pane

    ' You may want to copy this code to standard module and run as often as necessary.
    ' In VBE you can run any public sub from the Tools>Macros menu (macro here as in Word or
    ' Excel, not Access, sense).

    ' The code below, when called from a VBA routine, will close
    ' all open VBA IDE code panes, but leaves any form object
    ' panes open. Why? What change can I make to insure that
    ' *ALL* IDE window panes are closed by this code?

    Sub CloseAllCodePanes()

    Dim wp As Object
    'Dim wp As VBIDE.Window
    For Each wp In Application.VBE.Windows
    Select Case wp.Type
    Case 0, 1
    End Select

    End Sub

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