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    Outlook Print Question (Outlook 2003)

    Thanks in advance for any help I can get on this..... Here is the scenario: I used to use Outlook Express but recently converted to Outlook 2003 on a new system. Using Outlook Express, I was able to print out an email message and the attachments would print just below the Subject Line showing an icon to denote the type of attachment along with the name of the attachment. I can't seem to find out how to make this happen using Outlook 2003. Can it be done? Thanks!

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    Re: Outlook Print Question (Outlook 2003)

    In earlier versions of Outlook, the result depended on the message format: plain text = icons and as much file name as fit, below the subject line; rich text format = icons wherever the sender chose to embed them; HTML = no mention of attachments.

    I believe JohnBF posted a macro that would insert the attachment names at the bottom of the message "for the record" so that they could be printed out. If that would fill your needs, try a search here about this issue. Of course, I have no idea whether any of this is relevant to Outlook 2003.

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