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    Format Menu (2003)

    I'm brand new to Excel 2003 - how did I goabout removing the Format menu and how doI restore it? Thanks - Neil

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    Re: Format Menu (2003)

    Select Tools | Customize...
    Drag "Format" away from the menu bar. When you see a little x appear next to the mouse pointer, release it. The Format menu will disappear.
    Click Close.

    When you want to restore the Format menu, select Tools | Customize... again.
    Activate the Commands tab of the Customize dialog.
    Select Built-in Menus in the Categories list.
    Select Format in the Commands list, and drag it to the menu bar. Drop it to the right of the Insert menu.

    Alternatively, activate the Toolbars tab of the Customize dialog.
    Select Worksheet Menu Bar.
    Click Restore. This will undo *all* customization of the menu bar, not just the removal of the Format menu.

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