I have an application in Access 97 that runs a report and posts it to a newsgroup on our company's intranet. It uses Netscape Messenger.

To post a message, I first have to log into Netscape Communicator, enter my profile password, then enter my user id and password for the newsgroup in messenger.

When my Access application gets to the point of sending the data to the newsgroup using the SendObject method, it begins prompting me for all the various passwords. If I don't enter them quickly enough, it returns an error that the password was invalid.

I'm not sure why it does this, but I am assuming the solution is to halt the Access routine while the user inputs all the passwords for Netscape.

To expand on what's going on in the application, I have a loop that runs 4 reports and posts them individually to the newsgroup. The password prompts start with the first loop (SendObject), then the following have no problem as the user is already signed in.

If my assumption is correct, is there a way to halt the Access application while the user enters the password, or perhaps, to force the opening and log in to the newsgroup if it isn't already connected (I'm guessing the former would be easier).