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    Whose been reading my emails? (Outlook 2003)

    My Company has recently transferred from Notes to Outlook, a process that has caused much wailing and gnashing of teeth!

    To ensure access to information when out of the office (to enable snooping) the policy is for (almost) everybody to grant reviewer access to Inboxes, Tasks, etc. Using Notes this wasn't too much of a problem because you could tell who had accessed your emails and knowledge of this this kept undue prying to a minimum.

    Is there any way to do this in Outlook and, if so, is it possible to tell what has been accessed?

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    Re: Whose been reading my emails? (Outlook 2003)

    To permit access, not only does each person's access have to be set up on the Microsoft Exchange Server, you also have to enable that person's access in your Outlook client. As far as I can remember, your giving access is done on a folder by folder basis. I never looked, however, at how that might interact with Rules that automatically moved your mail out of the Inbox - and whether such Rules would need to be Server-side (rather than Client-side - and thus controlled through Outlook). HTH

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