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    SP4 and other things, too

    greetings from the great white north!

    i have some questions concerning SP4. i had a problem or two with my computer that started about a week and a half ago. as the 'puter would start up, i would keep getting an error box with the following warning message on it:

    Program Error

    SQStart.exe has generated errors and will be closed by Windows. You will need to restart the program.
    An error log is being generated.

    there would be a small box at the bottom with an OK in it. i would hit the OK and go on my merry way. this kept on popping up, and then things got worse. i would get the same message whenever i tried to open anything having to do with Windows Explorer, Internet Explorer, or any time i tried to open the Control Panel or the My Documents file. the error message would change depending on what i had tried to do. the gist would be the same, except that the warning would change to explorer.exe or such, depending on what i had tried to open. finally, i called a friend of mine who is one of my wizards, explained to him what was going on, and asked what to do. he told me that it sounded as though Windows had @#$!% (he used another term, but i don't like to cuss in public!), and suggested that i do a repair. well, i tried, and tried. seems the Windows disk didn't recognize the fact that WIndows was on the hard drive, so i wound up having to reformat the hard drive, which i really did not want to do. oh, btw, the 'puter in question is only eleven months old, and this is the second time that i have had to reformat the hard drive. so, i did. after i did, i only installed the bare bones of what i needed to see if it worked, and then to get on-line. it seemed to work fine, so i started reinstalling some of the programs that i had had on it before the reformat, including all the patches and updates to both Windows 2K pro and Office 2K pro, as i had kept them up all along during the past year. i had SP4 installed back when it first came out, and didn't seem to have any problems with it then. fine. i left my husband a note, telling him that the 'puter was up and running fine. i came home, only to find out that this was not so. all the darned thing would do was start up and shut down, start up and shut down, looping and looping. so, i tried to do a repair again, but again, it didn't recognize the disk or the partition or anything else, so i had to reformat- again. then, yet a third time. after the third time, i thought i had it right, as it had reformatted and windows was installing itself, but halfway through, it decided to reformat itself, all by itself! i wound up having to reformat the darned thing four times myself ,and once itself, for a total of five times, in a sixteen hour period! now, so far, i have installed all the Windows patches, including the one for IE6, but i have NOT installed SP4. i didn't have problems with the first format, until after i installed SP4, which was the last thing i did before i shut down for the day, and left my husband the note saying all was well. so, my questions are these: has anyone else had this problem, and do you think that i should attempt to install the SP4? my friend wrote me a frantic note, tellling me NOT to install it, as he had heard all sorts of problems were going on with it. he has not done so, and has not had any problems so far. i am very reluctant to mess with something that works, but i also don't want to expose my 'puter to anything nasty out there. i have a firewall and anti-virus software installed (norton). i also scan everything before i open it. i feel as though i am wearing both belt and suspenders. can you think of anything that i may have missed? is it possible that my hard drive is going or that maybe the processor is misbehaving? the warranty on the beast is about up, and i want to make certain that i get everything fixed before it runs out. sorry that this is so long, but the events happened over a bit of a long time period. i am at a loss, so i lay my problems at your feet, and ask for your help. thanks for your time. hope to hear from you soon. until then, take care and God bless.


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    Re: SP4 and other things, too

    Hi LL, A google search for sqstart.exe shows that it is the Sonique quickstart app. Several entries say it is not needed (many times quickstart programs are just extra junk). Here's something in the sonique forums: that says just rename it 'cause it is not needed. Now onto SP-4. I think you find most people, myself included that think you should apply Sp-4. I've done it on eleven PCs at work with no problems.


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    Re: SP4 and other things, too

    Hi ladyleadfoot,

    It's most unlikely that your problems have anything to do with SP4. You may well have problems, though, if your antivirus program is running when SP4 is installed. Same goes for other apps too. So make sure nothing else is running when you install SP4.

    BTW, SP4 includes all of the updates froms SPs 1-3, so you generally don't need to install them first. The only exception might be if you're doing an 'express' update over the 'net and you already have a CD-version of an earlier SP. In that case, installing the earlier SP will save some on-line time (but that's about all - you'll still end up with the same overall update).

    The only other thing you might find advisable is to update IE to IE6SP1. Otherwise you might find that Windows HTML help files stop working.


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