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    Losing? Corrupting default printer (Word 2002)

    A branch installed a Konica 7145 a few week back - all was sweet. So they replaced an old Sharp with another new Konica 7145. The next day everything fell apart. People using the new printer were "losing" the Windows default printer setting - usually after using the printing macro. We reinstalled the Printer drivers and for a while it looked ok. Then one user reverted, then another.

    I debugged one user - vba said her ActivePrinter was "ServerKonica 7145-2 on Road J???B" - well that was right up to the "on Road bit" - so after setting the printer, it restored the deafult back to this non-existent printer. Hence the problem. Further weirdness was when vba tried to set the printer to "ServerKonica 7145-2" it ended up with "ServerKonica 7145-2 on " - again not a good look. This user tried rebooting - but it won't come right (last I heard she was heading home for a stiff gin)

    I reran the debug after manually setting the printer from the control panel to find it thought the activeprinter was "ServerKonica 7145-2 on NE06"

    (Her PC runs Word 2002 (10.2627.2625) on 2000 Pro 5.0.2195 Service pack 2 build 2195 SR7)

    I've rebuilt the macro from a new document - and if Eve gets back we can see if that fixes it.

    However, across town a completely unrelated office has also installed a Konica 7145 - and they are losing their default printer in Outlook.

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    Re: Losing? Corrupting default printer (Word 2002)

    The notation "on NExx" is fairly common, but "on Road" obviously is bizarre.

    I vaguely recall a thread or two on fetching printer information from Windows itself (using either API calls or scripting tricks) rather than using ActivePrinter. Perhaps that will allow you to restore the setting more accurately?

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