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    Table Trouble (Word 2002 Win2K)

    I am having trouble with a table. The original document was a 15 row 4 column table and then some text that leaked over to a second page. I used the compress feature (print preview/shrink) to get it all to one page. That left table font at 8.5 point. I then needed to make the table 12 point font which I did by selecting whole table and selecting 12 point font. The result is that the table moves to the second page, leaving page 1 blank and the extra text goes to page three. I cannot for the life of me get the tabel to break across page 1 and 2 which is evidently what needs to happen in order for it all to advance up the document to page one. Can anyone help?


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    Re: Table Trouble (Word 2002 Win2K)

    Hi Rick:
    Check the following:
    1. Go to Table properties & make sure that text wrapping is set to None. While you're there,
    2. Check the paragraph settings in the table. i.e. make sure that they aren't set with Keep with Next, etc. Especially not Page Break before.
    3. Look at your document in normal view & make sure that you don't have a page break before the table. You should also have hidden characters showing with the show/hide button so you can see if you have paragraph marks, hidden text, etc. affecting pagination.

    If none of those work, try to attach your document to a post, after first removing any sensitive information (or typing over on a copy of it).

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