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    Unexpected Header Record Delimiter dialog box. (Word 2000 (office 2000))

    I must have inadvertently set a bit somewhere: When I open a Mail Merge master document, I get a Header Record Delimiters dialog box which asks that I set the Field and the Record delimiters. The values shown are correct so I just hit OK, but I haven't been able to figure out how to stop this dialog box from coming up. The Mail Merge data file is a .txt file and it contains a Header Record as well as the user data. I am using Tab for the field delimiter and (enter) for the record delimiter.

    This is an older process that used to work smoothly (without the unexpected dialog box popping up). Perhaps one of my office patches have changed something?

    Any ideas on what to try next? Or where to look?


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    Re: Unexpected Header Record Delimiter dialog box. (Word 2000 (office 2000

    Edited to add the last paragraph
    Hi Rob:
    I have Word 2000 & all the latest updates & don't get that box when I open a mail merge main document. (I assume that you're talking about a "main" document, & not a "master" document---which is another animal entirely.)

    Is it possible for you to create a new main document or to try to copy everything except the last paragraph mark (assuming that you have no section breaks in the main doc itself) to a new document. Normally, I only get that message box when first attaching a data source to a main document. You might also try changing the data source to something else & then back again.

    Here's something else. Perhaps you've modified your data source recently. See WD2000: Word Prompts to Select Header Delimiter Using Header File.
    Hope this helps,

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