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    Can isend internal email if so how

    I have just set up a Home Network. My Desktop is the server and i have a hub with 2 wired connections to 2 Laptops, everything seems to be working fine! If i download email on one of the laptops it would be good to forward to my desktop to keep emails, like replies to this in one place, also if one of the family want to leave me a message on the network?
    I am using XPpro,Incredi mail,
    Hope the above makes sense

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    Re: Can isend internal email if so how

    If you only have one e-mail account, you can set up all your computers to leave the messages on the server for several days after downloading, and download all mail to each computer (you need to be on that computer at least frequently enough to avoid losing the messages on the server). If you receive a high volume of mail and have a low cap on your account, this might not work. Or if you simply don't want all the mail duplicated on every computer, this would not be the best approach.

    If you have multiple e-mail accounts (many ISPs offer this), you could forward it among the accounts. This is simplest.

    If your ISP does not offer multiple e-mail accounts, you could try using some kind of free mail provider. None come to mind that make it easy to get your mail using a POP3 mail client (such as Outlook Express), but I'm sure someone will post some suggestions.

    If you don't like the free mail providers, you could try to run your own mail server, but that's a <big>big</big> project, even with free software.

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    Re: Can isend internal email if so how

    An alternative approach would be to have a single data file for storing all the mail and to put this data file in a shared folder on the server so that each PC / Laptop can access the same file. This would have the advantage of keeping all the mail in one place, but would mean that the laptops could only access the mail when connected to the network, and that only one system could access the mail at a time.


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