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    Unwanted unhiding

    Can't duplicate this on my machine, using copies of the affected sheets... so maybe it's due to a setting?

    A sheet in workbook A sums a one-column range into a cell at the bottom of the range. The last half-dozen of the rows summed have been hidden. In this column they are empty...other columns may have data in these rows.

    User tries to link a cell in Workbook B to the summary cell. Enters "+" into the target cell, control-tabs to Workbook A to get the source, arrows down/over to desired cell.

    As soon as the source sheet comes forward, the hidden rows become visible. If the user completes the source selection, the hidden rows remain unhidden. (Canceling the link by hitting Esc undoes the unhiding.)

    The user has to invoke a macro to rehide the rows in the source workbook.

    Any thoughts? What have I forgotten to look for?

    WinNT 4, Office 97

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    Re: Unwanted unhiding

    On my Office 2000, Windows 95 setup, if I choose Tools (menu), Options, Transition (tab), in the Settings section is a check-box called "Transition Navigation Keys"; when checked, I can duplicate the symptom you describe.

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    Re: Unwanted unhiding

    So can I. Thanks, Jim!

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