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    Use VBA to read metadata in PDF file (Office 2003)

    Hi forum,

    With the help of this forum, I managed to write a script that reads the custom properties of a collection of Word docs and writes the results to a file which I can then import to Excel.

    Now I have to do the same thing from PDF files - that is, read the custom properties (or metadata, as Adobe calls it) from a collection of PDF files and write them to a file.

    How can I read the metadata of a CLOSED PDF file from VBA?
    For Word, the solution was to use DSOleFile.PropertyReader (part of the DS: OLE Document Properties 1.4 object library.


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    Re: Use VBA to read metadata in PDF file (Office 2003)

    That would seem to be a question for an Adobe or PDF forum. APGetInfo (not free) is a program to get metadata from a PDF file

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