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    Mail Merge (Word 2002)

    I didn't know how to send you two attachments. So here is what I did. In the attachment - Cells A1 - G10 is my data source. Cells A15 - A23 is my form letter. I copied my form letter into excel so you could see how it was setup in Word 2002. When I do a mail merge - the Apt field gives me a 0 if there was data in the Apt field. If it was empty - nothing shows up. That is my problem. When I open up my form letter I received this funny message - Opening this document will run the following SQL command: SELECT *FROM 'Sheet1$' WHERE ;Apt' IS NULL Data from your database will be placed in the document. Do you want to continue? I say Yes.

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    Re: Mail Merge (Word 2002)

    I don't have Word 2002, but in looking at your Apt column, I notice that the column is formatted for social security number. Try formatting it for text (select it, press Ctrl+1, & choose Text) & see if that helps.

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