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    HTML format? (XP)

    I have noticed that when I copy text from the internet and choose paste special in Word that it defaults to HTML format and I must change to unformatted text. Then, later, if I copy that same unformatted text and paste it into a form on the web, it is often rejected because the form (on the web) will only accept characters and numbers AND NOT HTML CODE.

    So - what exactly is HTML format with respect to Word? The text I copy/paste looks like any other text - no code, no visible format differences. I don't copy any HTML code anyway so why is a web form rejecting my text as having HTML code when there is none? Does paste/special/unformatted text really remove any html format?

    Finally (don't mean to ramble) is there a way to actually see whatever HTML code is hidden in my text and, further, remove it?

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    Re: HTML format? (XP)

    I assume that your Word document is NOT secretly an HTML document that you are editing in Word.

    Once you use Edit>Paste Special...>Unformatted, Word should forget the original format and conform the text to the format of the paragraph into which you are pasting. If this is not the case, then there is something very wrong.

    If you then copy that text and paste it into a textbox in IE, it should come across as plain text. I know that some applications will convert Word stuff into HTML, such as FrontPage, but I'm not sure how this could happen in the browser. Then again, I turn off all of the special form filling stuff that IE offers and just do it all manually.

    Last ditch workaround: keep a session of Notepad open. Copy from Word, paste into Notepad. Cut from Notepad, paste into IE. (This is how I work between Word and FrontPage.)

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