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    Networking drivers

    I have several PCs networked at my home, some running Windows XP and others running Windows 98. I want to install Windows 2000 Professional on one of the PCs currently running Windows 98. (Why Windows 2000 and not XP? Because I already own the copy of Windows 2000, that's why. And I have collected the hardware drivers, too.)
    I read in PC Magazine several months ago that Windows 2000 Professional does not include networking drivers, but that the drivers on the Windows 2000 Server CD-ROM will work and that it is legal to use them.
    I have already installed the Windows XP networking drivers on the computers running Windows 98, and that went smoothly. (The drivers were in the "Add-Ins" folder on the XP CD-ROM.)
    What I need to know is:
    1) Have I correctly described what I need to do?
    2) Assuming that I have, where are the networking drivers to be found on the Windows 2000 Server CD-ROM, and what are they called? I have a friend who will send them to me if I just tell him what to send.
    3) Are there any tricks or quirks I need to be aware of during installation?

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    Re: Networking drivers

    I can't image why W2K installation CD's should not come with networking drivers - can you point to the article?
    Are you networking as a Workgroup or a Domain?

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