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    Website Data Entry (FrontPage 2002)

    <P ID="edit" class=small>(Edited by easyaccess on 14-Apr-04 17:23. )</P>This has been posted almost a month....Can anyone help me out?

    My company maintains a web site that runs on FrontPage 2002. We would like to create a web page from which our clients can register for classes that we offer. We would like to use Access (2000) as a means to capture this data when someone registers and preferably a Data Access Page to enter the data through.

    Our problem is this; we often get clients who wish to register more than one person. Hypothetically, a person could visit our web page and pay for more than one person. How can we format the web page to require the person registering to enter the required data for each person that he/she is registering and/or paying for?

    The minimum requirements we would have to capture are: First & Last Name, Address, City, State, Zip Code, Phone Number, and Class ID Number.

    Another question we would like to know is can FrontPage or Access (singularly or in tandem) automatically generate an email that would be sent to a specified address whenever a new record is added? Preferably the email would contain the data of the new record as well.
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    Re: Website Data Entry (FrontPage 2002)

    You're undoubtedly familiar with shopping carts. For each significant change to a transaction, whether it's adding a new item (class) or updating the quantity (number of attendees), the browser posts back to the server. You then process the request on the server and return a new page to the browser showing the updated status of the transaction. Or consider travel reservation sites: you list the number of seats, search for flights, indicate what you want and, after availability is confirmed, the site then asks for your details. You can't do this stuff purely as a single hyper-complex form. Nor would you really want to.

    Sending an e-mail would be part of your server-side code. You could use the SMTP component that comes with IIS, or a number of other techniques. It's not advised to run Access on the server itself, so you probably would not use the method Access provides (SendMail?).

    This obviously is a complicated project, and there are commercial packages devoted to conference registration that you might want to evaluate.

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