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    Opening a PST Archive File (Outlook 2000)

    I don't normally use outlook.
    A new user at our office has been sent all his old outlook stuff as a file called archive.pst, which he would like to look at.
    I have installed Outlook on my computer and copied the pst file to my hard drive, changed the properties to NOT read-only.

    When I do file, open, personal folders and select the pst file, I get the following two messages:

    'Properties for this information service must be define prior to use'

    Followed by:

    'The File Archive.pst is not a personal folders file'
    I get the same messages if I try to Import this file.

    Can I access this file, or should I ask the senders to convert it to some other format?

    Thanks in advance,


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    Re: Opening a PST Archive File (Outlook 2000)

    There is a utility on your computer called scanpst.exe, also known as the Inbox repair tool. Perhaps if you scan this archive.pst file it will provide some information about whether it is corrupted and whether it can be fixed. Alternatively, if the other user is wiling to share his "live" PST file and help you identify the material you need to see, you might be able to bypass whatever problem is occurring here.

    Oh, also, file formats seem to change regularly, so if he has a newer version of Outlook than you, that might be the problem.

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