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    Code advisor for VB 6 (VB 6 and V B.NET)

    In the MSFT newsgroups, a number of folkes, including MSFT MVPs have strongly suggested the the Code Advisor ( should be used to facilitate upgrading from VB 6 to VB .NET.

    On 22 March 2004, I installed and tried using the Code Adviser for the first time.

    I tried on 3 different projects. and got the following error:

    "Errors were encountered while attempting to remove and then add 'FixIt' source code comments"

    All I did was click on the leftmost toolbar button Add Fixits.

    How do I circumvent this problem?

    In one case, the project consisted of a single module containing:

    Option Explicit
    Private Sub Main()
    End Sub

    Note that someone has since posted the same problem and he tells me that he also posted the problem last month, but has not gotten any response.

    Any of you see the same problem?
    Any of you know of a workaround?

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    Re: Code advisor for VB 6 (VB 6 and V B.NET)

    It's probably of no help to you. But, because of the huge difficulties in converting from VB6 to dotNet our site has decided to;

    1. Enhance/support existing applications in VB6 only
    2. Redevelop existing applications in .Net- taking advantage of new architectures which will enhance future productivity hugely.

    Sorry- this site does have this budget.

    But, without that sort of budget and commitment, you may consider staying with VB6.

    (BTW, we do have applications with mixed VB^ & .Net- they interact with each other- via Web Services and Com Interop- and may give the best of both worlds).
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