i made a 'log-in' type database to keep track of requests coming in the office, so i would know whose requests we had recieved and for which client. (we have approx 6000 clients). the fields include client first, last names, ID#, case #, what kind of request (legal interrogatory), what firm sent it, date receivd, date an extension was requested, and has more checkboxes for when/if a reply went out.
the interrogatory name, the firm requesting, and the defendant company name are in tables in drop down comboboxes so i can choose, with just the first letter or two.
the problem is it has grown like topsy, but i have queries set up to find due dates, report on each defendant-client-rogg request, etc.

however, data entry requires that i hand enter each ID#, name, case#, etc. every time. there is no way to see if i am accidentally entering the same request twice, nor to do multiple entries (well i do those by going to database view, entering part of the info then copying and pasting, and editing the entry for the little differences).

i'm wondering if there is a faster, easier way to do this? like a form and subform, (like a search could find the client then bring up the subform to enter the new info?) or maybe due to the data, it's as good as i can get it?

i am the only one using it for either data entry or reports.

{and i'm really a novice-i just found yesterday where all these 'on event' type things go in the setup procedures!)

thanks for consideration