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    File Opens Twice (97/5.0)

    Not an urgent matter, however I'm curious how to fix the problem. My co-worker has a file that opens twice every time she opens it... when opening all her other Excel files, they only open once (like normal). When she's got this file open it has a number 1 after it, and then the next file has a number 2 after the file name, and they are both listed in the window function where it lists which files you have open (same file name, just with a 1 or 2 after the .xls extension. Any suggestions on how to eliminate the problem would be greatly appreciated. I'm sure I'll feel silly when you tell me how easy the fix is....
    Thanks for your help!

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    Re: File Opens Twice (97/5.0)

    The user has (perhaps unintentionally) opened a second window on the workbook (Window | New Window). Simply close one of them, then save the workbook. Next time it is opened, it should only open one window.

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