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    FAQ Database (Access XP)

    G'day All
    My company wants to put in place some form of FAQ database. Can anyone suggest one already written - something shareware ?
    Regards Ken.

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    Re: FAQ Database (Access XP)

    With a brief search of the web I was unable to find anything that appeared to close to a working product, though there are numerous commercial products out there. One thing I did find was an article describing how to build a web based FAQ site - see Build a FAQ with ASP and MS Access. Frankly, from an Access perspective, that sort of thing isn't terribly complicated - you only have a few pieces of informatiion - the question, the answer and some categorization information (that last part is the most difficult and varies from organization to organization). The more challenging part typically is how people access it (LAN, web, terminal services, standalone workstations), how it gets updated, how it gets searched, and the user interface.

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