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    Downloading PDFs (IE6.0/Adobe Reader 6.0)

    It used to be that, when I left clicked on a PDF link, I'd see a dialog box asking me if I wanted to save the file. Now, it automatically downloads the PDF and displays it in the reader. Right clicking still allows saving, but I have problems if I want to directly access a PDF and paste the link (including file name) into the address bar.

    I don't recall making any changes., but seems something has changed. I've checked and re-checked the settings in the internet tab of the Reader, these do not help.

    I seemed to recall there was a setting in the File Types, but I cannot find it.

    Can someone help?


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    Re: Downloading PDFs (IE6.0/Adobe Reader 6.0)

    If you want to use the stand-alone Reader AND get the prompt, the most relevant settings in File Types are "Browse in Same Window" (No) and "Confirm Open After Download" (Yes). However, the Acrobat Reader also has its own Preferences settings (perhaps on the File menu, I forget), and these will override what appears in the File Types dialog in some cases.

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