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    Individual page orientation (2003)

    I know that in previous versions of Visio, we were unable to orient individual pages and had to use tricks such as rotating pages to achieve the desired effect. Does anyone know if this is changed in Visio 2003? Are we able to have one page in landscape and another in portrait?

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    Re: Individual page orientation (2003)

    Hi Don. <img src=/S/hello.gif border=0 alt=hello width=25 height=29> Do you mean different orientation for different pages within the same drawing, e.g., one landscape and one portrait? I can do it in Visio 2002 with a catch, so I would suspect that it works very similar in 2003. Try it and let us know.

    The problem, in V2002, is <img src=/S/brickwall.gif border=0 alt=brickwall width=25 height=15> that you can only have one orientation for the printer page. Each "Drawing" page can have a different orientation, but the printer page has the same orientation for each "Drawing page" So, to print a drawing page in portrait mode, you have to change the orientation of the printer page to portrait. If you then wanted a landscape "Drawing "page to print landscape, you would then have to change the orientation of the printer page to landscape. <img src=/S/compute.gif border=0 alt=compute width=40 height=20> HTH

    Bit kludgy, <img src=/S/yep.gif border=0 alt=yep width=15 height=15> but you might be able to record a macro to change the printer page from one orientation to the other.


    Ron M

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